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My workshops are developed for groups of 10, and are an ideal way to discover practical solutions to help you start living your best life.

Starting at just $199 per session, my workshops are priced in an affordable way to help you begin your life changing transformation.

What's more, my workshops are an ideal way to connect with like-minded professional who understand how you feel, and are at the same crossroads in life. Be ready to make some life-long bonds.

Discover Your Purpose

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It's the questions we all ask ourselves... What's my calling? What's my propose? What am I meant to do with my life?

In this workshop, we will discover what your passion is, what your talents are, and how these aspects can combine, enabling you to have direction and follow your true calling.

In this workshop I will help you to clarify and strengthen your sense of purpose.

Discovering your purpose is what helps you to be true to yourself, to remember what is real, to be creative, to be resilient and to live your best life. A purpose-led life is an inspired life.

Life Prototyping & Design

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If You Are Feeling Frustrated & Stuck... I am here to tell you

You can start living your own version of success.

You can find your life purpose.

Follow your passion.

Make changes in your life and career and start living life for YOU.

You can step into living your dream life.

I am so excited to host you at my Life Prototyping Workshop. We will follow my method of used with my international client portfolio of high-achieving career professionals.

Take the next step to living your own version of success.

Life - The Way You Design It

Make The Most of Your Time

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Do you have big ambitions but feel like there's just not enough hours in the day, and don't even know where to start?

Does work, family, kids, pets, the home, basically everything, come before yourself and your vision.

Do you struggle to make time for yourself? Or, quite simply at the end of the day you're too exhausted to even think about working out or launching your dream career/ business. Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck, and don't even know how to get start.

In this workshop I will help you to unload your routine and you maximize your time.

I will teach you to use tools and techniques to assist you with prioritizing. We'll focus on how to set goals, and use my method to develop a simple to achieve framework to achieving your goals, moving you towards your target in a systematic manner.

Discover that your dream life is within your reach. 

I'm Charlotte, a "recovering" award-winning HR lawyer who now helps professionals feeling overwhelmed in this highly stressful environment of Silicon Valley make small changes to create a life they LOVE. 

I love speaking to businesses, women's groups, HR teams and beyond, about the importance of health, wellness and wellbeing and how achieving balance in these areas, can make you the most productive and successful you ever.

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