Why You Should Journal

To Journal or Not To Journal!

I am a massive fan of journaling. 
I started around 10 years ago, when I was feeling a bit disengaged with my career writing a daily gratitude list to give me perspective, and it went from there.
There's no right or wrong way of setting up a journal.
And for those of you not sure of what journaling is, this isn't the teenage "Dear Diary" 😉
There are some wonderful ones out there like MyBestSelf Journal.
I personally love the bullet journal approach-I grab a dotted notebook, and use my own creativity to pull together my notebook, or what I have named "the brain!!"
My pages aren't super pretty like some of them out there, but that doesn't matter.
This is your space, to get acquainted with who you are, what your dreams are, desires are, goals, and things holding you back.
I have an annual journal.
I maybe journal twice a week, or whenever I feel like writing down some thoughts, and getting in alignment with my inner voice.
To set up my journal I write:
 1. How do I want to feel?
2. What do I want to achieve for the next year?
3. What's not serving me?
4. How might I change that.
Then I add pages, for anything that comes to mind that I want to explore and record.
I'm not one for rigid formats. Your journal will evolve as you get more experienced at journaling. 
I've experimented with different set ups over the years, and I have tabs for a gratitude list (the perfect place to go to when you need to appreciate the world), a goal specific list, broken in to all aspects of my life.

"Home, career, personal"

I have a tab for travel & experiences. Where I want to do, where I want to eat, activities I want to take up.
  • Habits I want to form.
  • Things I want to learn.
  • A happiness page where I record special memories.
  • Quotes I like.

Gremlin Page

I have a "gremlin" page. When something "triggers me" I write it down what it is, and reframe that mindset on page. I've found this invaluable.
1. What was it that triggered me.
2. What does it say?
3. How true is that?
4. What would you say to a friend.
I love journaling it's amazing for mindset, reflection, seeing how far you've come!
If you're interested in hearing more about journaling and how it can help you design your life,  simply drop me an email to start a conversation.