Working with Charlotte has transformed my life and was well worth the investment!

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I was skeptical about whether coaching would actually help me when I signed up for Charlotte’s Limitless Lawyers program. When I signed up, it was seven months into the pandemic, and I was feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed without any clear path to change anything or improve my situation. 

Working with Charlotte over a six-month period has transformed my life and was well worth the investment! While there is a wealth of information on leadership and professional development available in books, online and in podcasts, there is no substitute for focused discussions and exercises that allowed me to explore and identify how my thoughts, inner critic, perfectionism, and fear were holding me back. Starting and ending the program with the Energy Leadership Assessment provided evidence of the tremendous progress that I made and felt throughout the time we were working together. I am now more equipped to quickly move out of a negative stress response and I have regained a sense of energy, passion, confidence, empowerment, and purpose in my career and life. 

Charlotte is an exceptional coach – kind, compassionate, and intuitive – who I would recommend without hesitation. She helped me identify practical steps I could take to address various issues contributing to burnout, and there were countless solutions and improvements achieved along the way. More organizations should recognize the power of executive coaching for its leaders. Charlotte’s knowledge of the unique challenges that lawyers face was invaluable. I am grateful to have found and had the opportunity to work with Charlotte!