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As a junior lawyer in the early 2000's, I volunteered at an Immigration and Asylum Centre in the UK.

Many of the individuals I supported were fleeing from the Civil War in Sierra Leone. The stories I experienced were harrowing. Violent traumas, sex crimes, families separated and torn apart. FGM is a right of passage for some young women. 

Living off student loans, I did what I could, contributing to a charity supporting children in war-torn countries.  

With my clients harrowing stories burning into my mind's eye, I had a dream that "one day" I would do more to help. 

Life went on, and in 2019 I met Susan Marie Sesay, Founder of "Save The Young Girls" children's orphanage in Sierra Leone.

She was looking for sponsorship of children at her orphanage. It was growing and growing. She at a young age, had taken on caring for children living in unimaginable poverty.


Save The Young Girls Foundation is a registered Community-Based Organization (CBO) with Freetown City Council. FCC0062 and is run by Susan Marie Sesay

Susan Marie Sesay, Founder of Save The Young Girls Foundation, was born on May 7, 1998 in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone.

"I had the opportunity to go to school in a society that cared less about the education of female children. In my village FGM is custom that every girl at the age of five upward would inevitably go through. Early child marriage and teenage pregnancy are also said to be a common factor in my village."

"My decision to set up a foundation to support girls was born out of the fact that girls died when they went through initiation, as well as during labor giving birth at such a tender age."

Save The Young Girls Foundation was founded to respond to the dilapidated social welfare in regards to homeless girls in Sierra Leone after the country’s civil war. STYGF was formed out of the desire to make a positive contribution to this country’s education by implementing certain projects that will ensure that every Sierra Leonean child, especially the vulnerable and underprivileged with potential, has access to educational resources, facilities and materials, regardless of social class or gender.

The mission of this foundation is to empower young Sierra Leoneans to empower themselves through education. By this, the foundation intends to encourage young girls to choose a better future and to become role models for future generations.

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The Girls Stories 

After meeting Susan and hearing the children's stories, I decided to help. 

I committed to sponsoring a child in this orphanage in Freetown. Our relationship grew, and I sponsored more children. 

It fills my heart with joy to know I am making a real difference in these young girls' lives. 

Giving back is important to me. 
Giving back supports these girls with food, medicine, a safe place for them to live. 
Giving back supports these girls with an education. 

And these young girls, these young children, they NEED OUR HELP


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  • For every new client we will sponsor one child. 
  • Promote this fundraiser via social media, email and other platforms. 
  • For all FREE webinars, we will encourage a donation to the Save The Young Girls Foundation.
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The girls have never been to the beach or on vacation. 

They dream of being doctors, scientists, nurses, lawyers, engineers. Making a difference in the world.

They love to play.

These girls work hard.
They get top of their class test scores.
They are gifted. Happy. Magical little souls. 

And these beautiful spirits are some of the most vulnerable individuals on the planet. 
At the risk of trafficking, sex crimes, the cycle of poverty, and more. 

Susan and Save The Young Girls Foundation is committed to helping these girls reach their fullest potential. These girls deserve a bright and happy future, with safety, comfort, and opportunity.