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Stress Over The Holidays

News | December 10, 2019


December can be a crazy time of year.  Lots of loose ends to tie up before finishing work, shopping, planning and at times, a certain degree of expectation from those around us.

I also think it’s important to remember that the Holidays are different for everyone.  For some it’s a wonderfully joyous time of year, for others it’s nothing special and for some, it’s a sad time of year. However you feel about the festive season, that’s ok.  It’s easy to feel pressured by others to feel something we don’t – so be true to yourself and how you feel this Christmas.

Here are a few tips to feel less overwhelmed this month:

  1. Take time to feel centered amongst the chaos – my free meditation that can be downloaded here may help!
  2. Write a page in your journal when you start to feel stressed & overwhelmed.  More on Journaling here. How do you feel right now? What needs to change?  What small step right now can you take to feel less overwhelmed?
  3. Move your body! This can be an exercise class, a run, a walk or a hike  Just get moving, and preferably in nature for an extra hit of calm and perspective.