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Limitless Lawyer Linkedin Coaching

Over the past  year I have been working with my lawyer clients on using Linkedin as a mechanism for innovative business development.

Linkedin has been around since the early 2000’s however only in recent years has the platform fully integrated the ability for powerful content sharing, for instance through the medium of videos and live feeds.

Most lawyers are not embracing LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool.

I often see lawyers who are skeptical, or have simply not had their eyes opened to the incredible power and potential of Linkedin.

We know having a strong personal brand is imperative to business development, whether it be winning or retaining external clients or influencing referral sources and in the past this was often achieved through building relationships at industry events and in person networking.

At least in the short term, these opportunities have vanished.

We are therefore presented with 2 options.

  1. We either hope that things will get back to normal quickly and maintain the status quo. OR.
  2. We embrace this powerful tool and use it to build your book of business and get ahead!

Did you know:

A small fraction of lawyers are using Linkedin to their advantage, yet over 77% of in-house lawyers are logging into Linkedin frequently. This number is soring since the pandemic.
Decision Maker Users on Linkedin are increasing at tremendous speed, Q2 of 2020 demonstrates this trend is here to stay.
Linkedin is free to use and the potential for creating an organic (no ad spend) lead funnel is huge.
I am not aware of any other former lawyer Executive Coaches offering a program specifically tailored on training lawyers how to use Linkedin. This offer is completely unique…

Limitless Law Firm 6 Month Program

What is this program for?

The Limitless Lawyer Linkedin Program provides comprehensive support for senior associates and junior partners who are ready to create their own book of business or get serious about using Linkedin to build their reputation and land their dream job. 

The Limitless Law Firm Program 

The investment for this 6-module program, over 3 months is $2,995. 

This investment is reflective of the game-changing progress my client makes in their legal practice and I would expect clients who commit to executing this program effectively would at least x 5 your investment within 12 months. 

My program isn’t for everyone though. 

My program is only for senior lawyers who are ready to cultivate a new reputation development and client generation system suitable for the "new era", and are committed to their growth and ready to invest time and energy to cultivate those results.

What do I get?

Linkedin Group Trainings

1 Hour x Group Linkedin Training per month, Live Q&A, worksheets, plus recordings of sessions.

Group Executive Coaching

1 Hour x session per month (on implementing your Linkedin strategy, business development, accountability or any other topic you want to bring to the session)

Q&A Cohort Slack Channel

Access to a private Slack Channel with your cohort, unlimited Q&A from Charlotte.

Energy Leadership Assessments and Debrief

A Forbes Top 10 tool and research-backed assessment, used by management teams across the globe to uncover your leadership style, and how you show up in your stress reaction. 90 minute private debrief. Value $495.

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