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I'm Charlotte, I am a coach who understands you feel overwhelmed in this highly stressful environment of Silicon Valley. I understand you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life and are looking for answers. I've been there too; I'm here for you, and will help you find practical solutions to start living your best life.

" As a child I was taught, if I work harder, I’d have more success; and if I had more success, I’ll be happier. "

"Success leads to happiness" is a "common myth" peddled at school, by parents, and honestly much of society. It's also the reason so many people are miserable and unfulfilled.

After many years chasing the wrong type of success, I discovered that success is not about the money and the career ladder; it’s about happiness and fulfillment.

Are you ready to....

Get rid of stress and overwhelm

Make some impactful changes in your life

Find your life purpose

Start living your dream vision for your future

Create a better work/life balance

Have more time to spend on family and friends

Have time for yourself

Time to exercise & be mindful

Live intentionally with meaning

Feel happy and joyful

Easily relaxed, and quickly be energized

To start living your BEST LIFE

My 5 Step Process To Creating Your Best Life

In my experience as a coach I follow this process to help you find direction and start making changes to live your best life. Phases 1- 3 are coaching modules designed to help you discover, identify and create a vision plan for leading an extraordinary life.

Phases 4 and 5 involve me coupling coaching and consulting to aid you in setting up and implementing an action plan. It is possible to start (and end) in whatever phase you like. 


Getting to know one another

Identifying a good fit.

You Now

Where are you now?

Getting rid of stress and determining where you stand now.

Future You

Where do you want to go?

Creating your future ideal image and your dreams.

Road Map

How do we get there?

Set up an action plan to achieve your dream / best life.

Get Started

Starting your business

Consulting in strategy and helping you launch.

"In my world, every single Monday feels like a Friday afternoon." 

My vision is to lift people up to their potential and highest-self. To enable them to live their most inspired life.

Let's get started

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Want to meet new people, and discover, learn and develop techniques to living your best life?

A workshop is a great way to explore personal discovery and development in a group environment.  



I am an experienced public speaker on wellness, well-being and how to create your best life.
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