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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

You want to create change in your life and career– but don't know how?

You've been working as a lawyer for years and now find yourself feeling unfulfilled?

You don't have the confidence to go after what you really want because your salary and successful legal career to date, feels like such an albatross.

The Limitless life and career coaching system designed by me (a lawyer) will help demystify what it takes, step by step — plus I'll teach you my tried-and-true strategies for staying motivated through those inevitable tough patches!

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75-Mins Strategy Sessions

Want to get clear on your goals and dive deep into a topic?

Perhaps you could benefit from some deep-dive coaching on-demand.

In this 75-mins session, bring one topic to our coaching conversation.

You will leave with a clear action plan and strategy to implement going forward.

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Energy Leadership

Do you want to create more productive teams?

As a leader, you know how important teamwork is but still find yourself struggling with keeping people motivated and aligned?

ELI (Energy Leadership Index) is a powerful tool measuring a person’s and team’s energy in different behaviors and stress responses. Harnessed with the knowledge of what is happening on an energetic level, individuals and leaders are able to navigate the interpersonal landscape of the workplace far more confidently and effectively.

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Limitless Mastermind

This program will is designed to help lawyers and legal professionals grow their leadership skills, while also balancing life and career: 

Key features: 

  • Join a global high-level mastermind
  • Gain an elevated sense of executive presence
  • Build your leadership voice
  • Learn how to become a thought leader
  • Improve your personal branding
  • Gain a sense of balance between life and career
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Workshops + Webinars

Digital Learning

You want to do better than just survive as a lawyer?

You spend hours scouring Google for training but never find what you need?

I have created an accessible space where lawyers, at all levels of title and experience, can have access to– webinars, training, and courses that I have created.

Check out my frequently updated live training, digital resources, online products, and self-led courses designed for new era lawyers wishing to uplevel and be Limitless.

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