S03-E08: Rethinking The way Lawyers Work – with Raad Ahmed, Founder & CEO LawTrades

Podcast | July 29, 2022


Rethinking The way Lawyers Work - with Raad Ahmed, Founder & CEO LawTrades


Special Guest: Raad Ahmed

"We have to re-think culture."

Raad Ahmed is the Founder & CEO of LawTrades.

Raad is a visionary. Raad is inspiring. He's a personality that likes to march to the beat of his own drum!

In this episode, his fun, free-spirited personality shines through. 

A fascinating guest, he began his journey of entrepreneurship during law school. 

Raad is captivated by the concept of building his own Utopia.

What does a world look like where the power is leaning towards individuals rather than institutions?

Enter LawTrades. 

In Raad's new world, lawyers don't need to rely on law firms for the infrastructure that they have traditionally provided. 

In this podcast, we hear Raad's origin story. 

We talk about fundraising and LawTrades recent series A. 

We discuss:

  • Inspiration for the future of legal work. 

  • Pivots, mindset, and reinventing after a challenging start. 

  • His tips on fundraising in the Legal Tech space. 

  • Legal freelancing, flexible work, and how the future can look.

  • Meditation, breathwork, and debugging your brain.

  • The Oura ring & wearable tech for peak performance.

And, of course, changing the culture in law.


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