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Season 03 / Episode 06

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Well-being in the Law with Doug Leonard




Doug Leonard

Well-being in the Law with Doug Leonard, Former Chair of the Disciplinary Board, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Doug Leonard has had a fascinating career in, and outside the law Over the span of 35 years, Doug has experience as a law firm administrator, as a business leader, as the Former Chair of the Disciplinary Board, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, experience with the ABA National Well-being Taskforce, and now as a Leadership coach and consultant with a focus on organizational communication.

In this episode of the Limitless Lawyer podcast, we connected on the topic of well-being in the law– we explore: 

  • Developing empathy as a leader.
  • Creating understanding and awareness around common pitfalls lawyers can experience when it comes to professional conduct matters. 
  • How you can grow and evolve in your career, by leaning into areas of interest with curiosity and an open mind. 
  • The National Taskforce on Well-being, and Doug's involvement. 
  • The culture of drinking in the legal profession and how this contributes to wellbeing challenges. 
  • Actively managing a firm's culture to create an environment of high energy and success. 

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