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Season 03 / Episode 05

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Cultivating Limitless Mindsets for In-House Counsel with Mel Scott, Megaport




Mel Scott

"Our brains are like an open API and people can just put in things over time, parents, friends– all of the things that make us who we are in our history. One I got clear on the stories, then it's just a matter of batch checking that against the actual reality. This is where your lawyer brain can be so fantastic. We can interrogate ourselves and interrogate our thoughts like a witness. Is anyone actually expecting perfection? And you start to break down these stories." 

In this episode, with Mel Scott, host of Counsel Podcast, and senior in-house lawyer at Megaport, we explore:

  • The power of investing in your growth.
  • How our belief systems are formed, and how to call BS on the stories we tell ourselves.
  • How cultivating a limitless mindset can involve feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
  • Advocating for yourself, and impact on output when employers invest in your professional growth. 
  • Why having a strong personal brand is one of the smartest investments for our legal careers. 

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