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Season 03 / Episode 04

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S03-E04: How To Found a Legal Media Company - with Ben White, Crafty Counsel




Ben White

"Crafty Counsel's mission is to bring joy, insight and connection to legal professionals, and in particular in-house, legal, and when we think about in-house legal, we don't necessarily just think about someone who's working full five days a week, employed as a solicitor or attorney or whatever the relevant term and in that jurisdiction, but we include people working in legal operations, compliance, the sort of expanding definition of the legal world. We want to be the media brand for those people."

In this episode with Ben White, Founder of Crafty Counsel, we explore: 

  • His career journey and moving from private practice at Clifford Chance to in-house got his creative juices flowing regarding entrepreneurship. 
  • How leaning into and following your interests and building relevant experience helps create clarity around vision and value proposition. 
  • Building the confidence to become a founder using a risk analysis-based approach. 
  • Learnings in the first years of entrepreneurship. 
  • Making pivots and maintaining a mindset of resilience during these times. 
  • The secret sauce to being a successful entrepreneur. 


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