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Season 03 / Episode 03

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S03-E03: Mindset and Entrepreneurship with Tom Dunlop, Founder, Summize




Tom Dunlop

How does training as a professional athlete, on track for the Olympics set you up to be a Founder in the legal tech space?

Meet Tom Dunlop, Founder, and CEO of Summize, a legal tech company. 

"As soon as you put that pressure on yourself, you increase your chances of failure, significantly, and that's why we foster a huge culture of personal development of continuous improvement at Summize"

In this episode we explore: 

  • How Tom ended up shifting from a promising sports career to the legal industry
  • How working as an in-house lawyer for high growth software companies propelled him on his journey to becoming a founder 
  • How to create a mindset of resilience, and Tom shares lessons from his sporting career we can all learn from
  • How Summize was born, from inception, to how he validated his idea and raised seed investment 
  • The distinction between having an entrepreneurial mindset and becoming a founder 

This is a fantastic episode filled with so many amazing nuggets of gold. 

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