S03-E02: Helen Lowe, Head of Legal Operations at EasyJet

Podcast | July 14, 2021


S03-E02: Helen Lowe, Head of Legal Operations at EasyJet


Special Guest: Helen Lowe

"There's a certain energy that you have to have to do a role like this. You have to be ready to engage people constantly, and have very similar conversations over and over again to try and make sure they're on the same page as you need them to be."

In today's episode of the Limitless Lawyer Podcast, we have Helen Lowe, Head of Legal Operations at EasyJet, one of Europe's most well-known airlines. 

I am excited to interview one of the most impressive leaders in the Legal Ops space. Helen has had a fascinating career, from audit at KPMG, to change management at a nuclear decommissioning site. 

In this conversation we discuss: 

  • Her career journey and how she was recruited into legal ops. 
  • Leadership, talent development, and creating a high-energy culture.
  • Building resilience in the face of setbacks, from a change management, and career development standpoint. 
  • The importance of developing our mindset muscles, showing up with consistency and persistence. 
  • Recruiting into legal ops! We explore if lawyers or those with alternative backgrounds are preferred. 
  • The impact that COVID-19 is going to have on work culture in the legal space. 
  • The importance of leveraging the value out of your legal technology. 
  • We discuss the O-Shaped Lawyer, and why client-centric solutions are what many in-house legal teams are crying out for. 
  • Entrepreneur lawyers, digital nomads, and the demand for autonomy, flexibility in the workplace. 

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