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Season 02 / Episode 05

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Alistair Maiden: Award Winning Legal Technologist, Founder of Syke




Alistair Maiden

"When I am interviewing I ask–– Is this person brave? Is this person willing to take a risk? Are they willing to battle with their own personality to get better? Are you ready to face up to your own negative self?" In this episode I am interviewing Alistair Maiden Alistair is a former lawyer turned legal technologist and founder of Syke, a legal technology company. We discuss:
  • Leaving practice to launch a legal tech company.
  • Technology and innovation in the legal profession.
  • Why legal tech frees up lawyers to do what they are trained to do.
  • Thoughts for lawyers and corporate legal teams about adoption of legal tech.
  • Why law firms are slower to adopt legal technologies.
  • How perfectionism and fear of failure hold lawyers back, and how as lawyers if we can embrace failure, innovate and pivot this can be incredibly powerful.
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