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Season 01 / Episode 09

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Lanie Denslow - Author | Founder | World Wise Intercultural Training Expert on International Business Etiquette




Lanie Denslow

Today relationships are the key to doing business everywhere. We are a global community, which is ever apparent since having the pleasure of working in London, Silicon Valley and beyond.

It was such an honor to connect with Lanie Denslow in this episode to discuss global business etiquette. We discuss: 

  • The definition of etiquette and how it means different things to different people.
  • How culture shapes the conduct of business globally
  • Adopting a global mindset.
  • Preparing yourself to play at a global level.
  • The issue of trust in cultural communications and how it might show up in your law practice.
  • The history of our dining utensils.
  • Why dining etiquette is there, and how it's beneficial to networking and communications.
  • Etiquette in the digital space.
  • And the question on all of your lips, have we seen the last of the handshake!?

You can connect with Lanie Denslow here:


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