S01-E08: Olivia Vizachero, The Less Stressed Lawyer

Podcast | January 26, 2021


Olivia Vizachero, The Less Stressed Lawyer


Special Guest: Olivia Vizachero

On today's show we have Olivia Vizachero, who was an absolute delight of a guest.

  • Her interest in the law begins at 8 years old with her fascination the Mafia
  • She started her career as a criminal defense attorney, before moving into corporate law at a big Detroit law firm.
  • Challenging moments in her life with stress and anxiety and avoidance tactics.
  • Confronting the habits of judging yourself, worrying about what others think, and how to shed some of this heaviness.
  • How her struggles result in her being able to show up as a powerful coach.
  • Passion practice of criminal work assisting juvenile lifer on a wrongful conviction matter.

Olivia is SUCH an interesting guest! An episode not to miss!