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Season 01 / Episode 07

Limitless Lawyer podcasts

Alexis Robertson, Director of Diversity & Inclusion + Whole30 Coach




Alexis Robertson

Charlotte Smith, Lawyer Coach and Alexis Robertson discuss:

  • The journey from lawyer to D&I Director at international law firms.
  • Finding your purpose & discovering your career path.
  • Why life is a marathon not a sprint.
  • Becoming a Whole30 coach and how the foundations of high performance begin with health and nutrition.
  • Navigating conversations around pay increases/ promotions during the current economic climate.
  • Recognizing the stories we tell ourselves.
  • The importance of effective communication and being aware of different communication styles.
  • Tips to being visible during remote working + importance of personal branding.

This is a podcast episode not to be missed. Recorded in April 2020


Limitless Lawyer