S03-E01: Alice Stephenson, Founder Stephenson Law

Podcast | May 12, 2021


S3:E1 Alice Stephenson, Founder Stephenson Law


Special Guest: Alice Stephenson

To kick off season 3 of the Limitless Lawyer podcast, we speak with Alice Stephenson, Founder of Stephenson Law. 

Alice is a Brit who is now located in Amsterdam. She founded Stephenson Law. She's an innovator, a visionary, and is leading the charge of changing the face of the legal profession and disrupting the way we practice and deliver legal services.

We will discuss: 

  • Her career beginnings and move from human resources to legal. 
  • Experience of working in private practice. 
  • Shifting to deliver in-house consultancy work and the difference between practice and in-house work. 
  • The vision for the firm and what lawyer identity means when it comes to Stephenson Law lawyers!  
  • Personal Branding and developing your own personal brand!
  • Breaking the mold, leadership, and speaking up! 
  • Diversity and changing the culture of law firms, and why she believes it has to be leadership lead. 
  • The billable hour model, and selling professional service, and how we can take a more holistic approach to deliver legal services and performance metrics. 
  • Fear of making mistakes in the legal profession and how as leaders we can challenge this fear-based paralysis. 

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