My 5 step process to
Creating Your Best Life



We’ll do a deep dive into what’s working for you and what isn’t, both with your career and life in general. (Because it’s all linked.) I create an inviting, objective space for you to unburden the clutter in your mind and make sense of it all. We’ll also identify your core values and complete a research-backed assessment to uncover the lenses through which you view life, including what zaps your energy and what invigorates you.


Dream vision exploration

We dream big here. The kind of dreams you allowed yourself as a child. I’ll lead you through an expansive visualization exercise so we can get to what YOU truly want, not what your parents, partner, friends, or anyone else expects of you. And we’ll do this with your core values and Energy Leadership Assessment in mind.


Limiting mindsets acknowledgment and release

We acknowledge your inner critic in this step, that nagging voice that fuels fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm. And then we’ll learn how to say ciao to that inner critic and her limiting beliefs. You’ll feel a freeing release as we reframe those beliefs and make space for a stronger, more confident, can-do inner voice.


Zone of Genius identification

Now we’re ready to home in on your unique Zone of Genius, that sweet spot where what you’re naturally amazing at aligns with your purpose. I’ll ask targeted questions to help you uncover and embrace your unique Zone of Genius.


Life Design action plan and transformation

We’ll create a transformative yet realistic Life Blueprint Workflow to achieve your goals. Step by step, I’ll walk you through the inspired, forward action that will allow you to create that happy and fulfilled life you’re so ready for. And I’ll provide the accountability and support you need to ensure your success. Expect your life to look completely different in the best possible way in the 4 months of us working together.