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News | September 20, 2020


In my work as an Executive Coach for lawyers, I support talent from around the globe with creating more purposeful and effective ways of doing business and practicing the law. My intention is to inspire the next generation of “lawyer leaders,” and play an incremental role in the shifting of the legal landscape into a new era. 

2020 (and we are only half way through!) has been transformational for the industry. The global pandemic forced law firms into embracing remote and flexible working, with emphasis on integrating home and work lives. Law firms have leaned into the changing times, with one of the world’s largest law firms announcing they are closing some of its offices permanently. In addition the industry’s abysmal diversity issues have been exposed. There is a palpable energy in priming the legal sector for much needed change. 

Many of my clients are anticipating:

  • More inclusive and human-centric law firms. 
  • Law firm innovation.
  • The harnessing of legal tech. 

The possibilities for the legal sector are limitless, if we choose to think freely, be bold and reimagine “law firm life” as it could (and should) be. As the late Steve Jobs said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.  

Today I want to talk to you about Linkedin as a mechanism for channeling innovation. 

Linkedin has been around since the early 2000’s. However only in recent years has the platform fully integrated the ability for powerful content sharing, for instance through the medium of videos and live feeds. 

Most lawyers are not embracing LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool. I often see lawyers who are sceptical, or have simply not had their eyes opened to the incredible power and potential of Linkedin. 

Never before has it been so important for your professional career to start building your “personal brand”, particularly given the impact of a long economic recovery on job security. A strong personal brand is imperative to business development whether it be winning or retaining external clients of influencing colleagues. In the past this was often achieved through building relationships at industry events or watercooler conversations in the office. At least in the short term these opportunities have vanished.

We are therefore presented with 2 options. 

  1. We either hope that things will get back to normal quickly, hold on to our jobs and maintain the status quo. 
  2. We embrace our new digital world in growing your practice, building your book of business, or landing that dream job (even in this challenging time). 

I hope that you are proactive and choose the latter, and if so LinkedIn is a vital tool. It is “professional” and less saturated than many other social platforms out there.  

Sharing thought leadership and content through posts, articles, and videos can support your efforts around: 

  • Lawyer career development. Safeguarding and building your future career. 
  • Law firm growth. Senior Associate & Junior Partners – You can harness this to  bring in your own book of clients and make the business case for your role in the firm. 
  • Lawyer entrepreneurs. You can use Linkedin to generate new client business, and cultivate your own successful digital practice. 

As a lawyer or service professional YOU are the product. 

Convinced like me that Linkedin has huge potential? Please read on… 



We must start by cultivating the right mindset about networking on Linkedin from the onset. It does not create instant results, and requires consistency to see the fruits of your labor. 

We can have the best Linkedin strategy, but, if we do not have the right mindset to go with it, we let our limiting beliefs get in the way:

“I have nothing interesting to share”. 

“I will look foolish”. 

“My prospect clients are not active on Linkedin” 

Mindset + strategy is crucial. 


What is your goal/ objective with Linkedin? 

Be clear on what you want to achieve through adopting your Linkedin content strategy. 

Ask yourself who is your audience on Linkedin?  

Who is your dream client to win?

What are your dream companies to work for?

There’s the dictum, “people buy from people,” and there’s the timeless sales philosophy, “know, like, trust, buy.”

Having a clear strategy means creating content and engaging on other users posts, with your ideal audience in mind. 


What are you going to share? 

Let’s start some big questions. 

Who are you? As a lawyer? And as an individual? 

Don’t be afraid to be authentic and let your personality shine through. 

Yes, you are a lawyer, but you are also an individual.

Check out the following legal professionals for inspiration.

Our goal is to nurture relationships and as it relates to engagement, that means starting conversations, engaging on people’s posts with insightful comments, and responding to any comments left on yours. 

Sales Navigator is an incredible tool, and you can create a target list of people you want to nurture relationships with. 

Want to go after that dream job? 

Start conversations with people working in a similar role at the organisation.

Engage on their posts. Nurture relationships.

Next Steps

I hope this article has been a good overview. There is so much more I would like to share with you and I truly believe embracing this tool can create endless opportunities.

If you would like to hear more about “Linkedin for Lawyer” and any upcoming workshops simply register your interest here.

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