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I turned down partnership

News | October 29, 2021


I turned down Partnership.
Quit my job.

I traded Leeds, England 🌂
For Silicon Valley, California ☀️

Handing in my notice —
I didn’t feel fear or a sense of loss.

I was bursting with EXCITEMENT and possibility.
I had a vision.

I’d created a successful career in the UK.
I could do it again.

I arrived in the US, with no network.
I had no friends. No family. No job.

UK qualified — I didn’t have a JD.
I didn’t have a California bar license.
I had no tech background.

Passionate about tech and innovation—
Yet it felt near impossible to find a legal role.

But that’s ok! I said.

Here’s my sign.
My chance to follow my heart + create my own business.

It was HARD.
A career change.
No network.

My hopefulness and optimism drained out of me.

I was a FAILURE.
I had messed up my life and career.
I had made a CATACLYSMIC mistake.

I hit my rock bottom.
Feeling ashamed and foolish.

I didn’t know how to create a shift.

I couldn’t afford a coach.
But I also knew I couldn’t afford stay where I was.


What I wish I knew THEN,
Which I know NOW,
is how to manage my ENERGY.

I invested in a coach who took me through the Energy Leadership Model. I learned that:

✅ We all have ability to look at a situation through multiple lenses or perspectives. In my stress response my brain was focusing on what was wrong/ missing.

✅ Ones person’s “failure” — is another person’s boldness, learning & growth.

✅What I wish I knew THEN, was how to navigate out of DEFEATED to COPING & POTENTIAL more quickly.

3 years later, I’ve created my dream business.
I trained in the Energy Leadership Model because it changed my life.

I now help attorneys overcome that negativity and find contentment, balance, and inner poise.

Because if there’s one thing I learned from my transatlantic move—

It’s that navigating life and career can be hard.
It takes courage, and we all inevitably get stuck!

We all have unlimited potential—

Even if we end up limiting ourselves.

Sometimes it takes a helping hand to rise above life’s challenges.

And my greatest calling in life is to be that person for others.