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I left practicing as a lawyer

News | October 20, 2021


7 years ago this month I left the UK.
I left practicing as a lawyer.
I walked away from partnership.

My husband had a job opportunity in Silicon Valley, California.
We were ready for an adventure.

I bought a MacBook.
I dreamed of creating a virtual business with international clients, so I could work anywhere in the world.

We sold our things.
With a couple of suitcases, we flew out to California for a “year or two”.

It’s 7 years later…

We are residents, we bought a house here.
I’ve got an American 4-year old daughter, with the accent to match!

I’ve created a thriving coaching practice, with a team of 3.

I’m honored to support lawyers from all around the globe, London, Dubai, South Africa and of course the US.

It’s been quite an adventure.
A journey of exploration!
And it wasn’t always easy.

At first it was shedding my lawyer identity.
I launched a creative agency.
There as learning to run a business.
Manage a team. Sell. Create, design, grow skills in marketing and biz dev!

I then asked myself is this feeding my soul!

I needed to connect more dots.
Leaning deep into my purpose.

Connecting my skills with the work that gave me true joy and fulfillment.

Owning my lawyer identity.

Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together! Limitless Lawyer was born!