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I left an award-winning legal career

News | October 27, 2021


Because I went foraging for wild garlic.

Sounds crazy but stay with me.

I had a job at a top law firm, won awards, and made partner before I was 30.

But I worked so hard I had to sacrifice my health.

And at the end of the day—

I felt empty inside.

So on the side:
– I joined a foraging club hunting for wild garlic
– Created a food blog which got thousands of followers
– Started a supper club and invited strangers to share meals

My eyes would light up when I shared my experiences.

But I thought, “There’s no way I could make a career out of something like that.”

Anyway, in that magical way life has of giving us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves—

My husband got a job offer in California.

We decided to move there from England.

And instead of looking for work as an attorney—

I decided to do something that makes my eyes light up.

No, it’s not a foraging club.

But it’s got that same spirit of freedom.

I founded Limitless Lawyer LLC to empower attorneys to find success *and* wellbeing.

Be creative and innovative with their lives.

Listen to their internal compass.

And reinvent themselves.

(if necessary)

And it all started with foraging for wild garlic.

A trans-Atlantic move.

And a leap of faith.

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