Following the Right Career Path

As a child my career options set out by my parents were to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect or accountant...

I was told must always work hard and achieve.

I believed if I worked harder, I’d have more success; and if I had more success, I’ll be happier.

For many years I was successfully climbing the corporate ladder at a law firm in the UK. Working long days, always moving up; never a dull moment, chasing the next success, working hard was serving me well.

By 29, I was offered partnership....

And even though I was successful, I was always comparing myself to others... Always putting pressure on myself to succeed; achieve the next goal, don't miss out.

I was a success junkie... But my internal narrative was "you're just not good enough"



I had serious imposter syndrome.

After 7 years at the law firm, deep down I knew something was not quite right, and I was not fully aligned with the work I was doing.

I was drawn to the law to help people.

I craved for more meaning in my life, and when my husband was offered a job in Silicon Valley, California, I decided to take the opportunity to follow my heart and start a business of my own.

From the moment I chose to start my own business, EVERYTHING changed...

My first business was specialized in business development and marketing; I chose marketing and operations as this was something I was really good at and liked doing.

In this business I'd got lucky in reacting to circumstances. I simply followed the most logical way to make money, using the skill set I'd acquired over the years.

I was making good money consulting. But I hadn’t taken the time to identify my purpose or considered my core values.

  1. I was talking on clients who weren't always a cultural fit.
  2. I had no niche.
  3. I was working long hours doing work that didn't light me up!

2 years into consulting, I had my daughter. Something needed to change. I started to feel overwhelmed about my future. I had no direction, and began to feel like a failure.

I knew I wanted to run my own business, BUT, I needed to do carry out some deeper work and figure out how I could harness my talents in a space which excited and energized me.

I consulted a professional career advisor who guided me through this process by simply asking the right questions and taking me by the hand step by step. I learnt to fail forward, and I will always be so grateful for this opportunity, it literally changed my life.

I did deep work to understand my life vision and purpose.

And here I am living my best life as A COACH & MENTOR.

In this life I am able to combine my talents in empathy, listening, reflecting, problem-solving; building vision and creating structure...

I now help high achiveing professions live a life of freedom through coaching, strategy and mentoring.

In my world, every single Monday feels like the weekend. My vision is to lift successful career women up to reach their potential as entrepreneurs. Enable them to create their dream lives, with flexibility, freedom and fulfillment.


I'm Charlotte, I am a coach who understands you feel overwhelmed in this highly stressful environment of Silicon Valley. I understand you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life and are looking for answers. I've been there too; I'm here for you, and will help you find practical solutions to start living your best life.

Let's get started