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Giving constructive and sometimes critical feedback can be a real challenge!

News | November 24, 2021


Even for the most seasoned of leaders.

🥪 We’ve all heard of “the sandwich”
But what else? 🤦‍♀️

One of the things I value the most in masterminding is the share of knowledge and experience, peer to peer.

In a recent, mastermind session with experienced leaders in the in-house legal space, the topic of end-of-year performance reviews came up.

Several brilliant ideas were shared.

⚡ Check in with the individual and ask “are you open to receiving feedback?”

⚡ Get curious, and as a leader, ensure you have all the details before moving into the act of “giving feedback.” Questions >>> Feedback

⚡Remember: Team members will often be aware of where they could have improved.
They will likely have examples to share, of where they would have approached a situation differently, with hindsight. Embrace this!

🤗 We all have our inner guidance system and sense of intuition, and so cultivate an empowered space to explore topics and receive feedback.

Questions to begin the conversation:

✅What was your best work for the year?
✅What project were you most proud of?
✅What situation were you most challenged by?
✅Why were you challenged?
✅Where appropriate, as a leader “own” some of that. I.e., “It would have been helpful if you had more resources/ training”.

💗 We all want to feel SEEN, HEARD, and have our perspectives ACKNOWLEDGED + VALIDATED. Including these techniques when giving feedback offers you both space for developing the right tone and connection for transparent feedback.

🎉 Magic Question

If you had a chance for a do-over, what would it be concerning? What would you do differently?


💭I’d love to hear your top tips for giving feedback!

💭 What are some examples of great leadership when it comes to giving feedback?

👀 And let’s hear about the more clumsy examples! 💣 We can learn from these as well!

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