Energy Leadership

Get ready to radically change your mindset...


Are you a lawyer or leader who is feeling frustrated, stuck, angry or exhausted with the new pressures?

Get ready to radically change your mindset when it comes to work and life...

The recent and unprecedented and dramatic changes in our lives has undoubtedly created an increase in many of us experiencing stress and pressure. 

Stress, anxiety, frustration and exhaustion is showing up for many of us and when you experience stress, this can have a ripple effect in terms of how you show up in your work-life, your personal relationships, and in your health. 

Introducing the...

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment is a proprietary, research-backed assessment tool, rated as one of "Forbes Top 10 Assessment Tools Leaders Should Take" only available through an iPEC Certified Coach. The ELI reveals the lenses you view the world through, so you can gain deep insights of how you show up in "day-to-day" and in "stress" situations. 

Tell me more

Energy is contagious.

If someone is stressed or tense we feel their low inner energy.

If they are inspirational and encouraging we feel their high energy and magnetism, it ripples across everyone.

Since our energy level affects our work, our colleagues, our clients and our loved ones, we have an opportunity to engage in life with high or low inner energy.

Many people go through life on “auto-pilot” because of lack of awareness regarding low energy levels. They get stuck and wonder why their progress becomes so stilted. 

By becoming more conscious of why you do what you do, you can decrease stress, and increase productivity and pleasure. You can embrace life and career with true passion and fulfilment.

What if during times of uncertainty you were able to move forward purposefully with your vision, and be able to tune into possibilities and leave frustration behind?

Used  by top executives, world leaders and legal minds, the ELI will help you to techniques which can be utilized and applied in life, and in your legal career. 

What will I learn?

As former Lawyer turned Executive Coach for Lawyers & ELI Master Practitioner, Charlotte Smith will help you:

  1. Uncover your triggers for stress.
  2. Learn to respond to situations instead of reacting to them.
  3. Remove all the things you identify as causing negative energy in your life.
  4. Obtain higher inner energy to achieve your goals, higher consciousness, and hence true happiness.

What's included?

When you chose to take the ELI Assessment, you will receive incredible insights to help you move forward, and shift your energy into a more forward moving place.

My ELI Package includes:

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

- to be completed online.

90 Minute Zoom Debrief + Strategy Session

- 60 minute focused on the ELI debrief to identify what is holding you back and keeping you in the space of low energy + 30 minutes strategy session to help you create tangible steps, which you can implement in your life.

Recording of Our Coaching Session

- So you can go back over & over again and gain additional insights from our coaching session.