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Life Design for Lawyers Program

I know how it feels to be at the top of your game yet deeply dissatisfied. Like something’s missing but you can’t quite figure out what because there’s so much going on in your life and you don’t know where to start.

That’s why I created the Life Design for Lawyers Program – to simplify and demystify the process of figuring out what you want from life and how to get there, whether that’s pivoting to a new role within the legal industry that feels more aligned with your core values, pivoting out of law entirely and starting your own business, or simply making conscious mindset and lifestyle changes to achieve a more balanced and satisfying life.

We’ll do a deep dive into what’s working for you and what isn’t, both with your career and life in general. (Because it’s all linked.) I create an inviting, objective space for you to unburden the clutter in your mind and make sense of it all. We’ll also identify your core values and complete a research-backed assessment to uncover the lenses through which you view life, including what zaps your energy and what invigorates you.

My "why" is to ignite lawyers self-belief that anything is possible...

... so that they can experience freedom,
independence, joy, and financial success.
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Life Design for Lawyers Program

Life Design for Lawyers Program includes 3 one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions every month plus follow-up coaching notes, regularly updated Asana workflows and video trainings to support the implementation of your Life Design action plan, practical homework to keep you on track with your goals, and unlimited email and voice note check-ins to keep you accountable.

The Life Design for Lawyers Program provides the most comprehensive support for the high-achieving lawyer looking to change their life. This isn’t just career coaching or mindset work. I meet you where you are and provide holistic life design coaching bespoke to you and your specific needs.

My program isn’t for everyone though. The right person for my Life Design for Lawyers Program is a mid to senior level lawyer who works at a demanding, top-tier firm, company, or government agency. They are committed to themselves and their growth and are ready to invest in making a holistic change to start living the life they know they are capable of and deserves.


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