Hello, I'm Charlotte...
and if you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious,
I understand how you feel...

I'm Charlotte, I am a coach who understands you feel overwhelmed in this highly stressful environment of Silicon Valley. I understand you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life and are looking for answers. I've been there too; I'm here for you, and will help you find practical solutions to start living your best life.

My Story

For many years I was successfully climbing the corporate ladder at a law firm in the UK. Working long days, always moving up; never a dull moment, chasing the next success; all while comparing myself to others, always putting pressure on myself to succeed; achieve the next goal, don't miss out. And while I was a success junkie... My internal narrative was "you're just not good enough". After 7 year's at the law firm deep down I knew something was not quite right, I was not fully aligned with the work I was doing.

Charlotte Smith, Professional Career and Life Coach, Bay Area, California

I craved for more meaning in my life, and when my husband was offered a job in Silicon Valley, California, I decided to take the opportunity to follow my heart and start a business of my own. From the moment I chose to start my own business, EVERYTHING changed.

My first business was specialized in business development and marketing, simply something I was really good at and liked doing. But then after a year I felt restless again, and I found myself on a crossroad for a bigger change. To this point in my career, I'd got lucky in reacting to circumstances that worked in my favor, but I hadn’t taken the time to identify my purpose or my core values, let alone create a strategy around them.

I carefully selected a professional career coach, who guided me through this process and pointed me in the right direction, by simply asking the right questions and taking me by the hand step by step. I will always be so grateful for this opportunity, it literally changed my life.

So here I am … living my best life as A PROFESSIONAL COACH. In this life I am able to combine my talents in empathy, listening, reflecting, creating vision, organizing and planning, creating structure. 

I am able to help people declutter their mind, experience less stress in their busy lives, then work towards finding  their life purpose and making impactful changes.

"In my world, every single Monday feels like a Friday afternoon." 

My vision is to lift people up to their potential and highest-self. To enable them to live their most inspired life.

Let's get started


"Charlotte has been a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, thoroughness in her research and preparation, and a positive attitude that makes it fun to work together!" 

Client, Los Gatos 

"Charlotte walks her talk. She's been through all the challenges of transitioning from a full time corporate job as a lawyer to following her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Including all the bumps that come with that. She is kind, caring and compassionate and will help you with overwhelm and gaining clarity on your vision. With Charlotte you will be supported on your journey as you follow your dreams"

Client, UK

"Charlotte has been helping me with her 5 step coaching program. Next to the fact that she has a warm and open personality, she really knows how to ask the right questions, gets you to think deeper, and translates all the goals into practical priorities really well. It has been such a delight to work with her, on a personal and professional level."

Client, Los Gatos 

"Charlotte is a very talented person, who has first-hand experience of the Corporate world. If you have a very successful career but have started to feel a bit overwhelmed she can help! She can show you that you CAN have it all: your career, your family and some 'me time'! I love the fact that she has walked the talk and is not just talking about theoretical solutions. She will give you practical solutions that work! 

Client, Saratoga