Are you a lawyer who is highly successful on paper, but feel overloaded and disengaged in your career?

Are you ready to...

Shift your energy about your legal career from stressed, demotivated & disengaged to rejuvenated, positive and forward thinking?

Find clarity in your vision, get in flow, and have a new level of focus?

Work in your zone of genius daily and step into the productive, high performance you?

Feel excited for your next steps?

Feel energized & limitless in your life, and legal career?

Find time for yourself, your health and your wellbeing in your law practice?

Have more joy and purpose in life?

Experience more flexibility, boundaries and purposeful work & career?

Hello, I'm Charlotte,  I partner with fast-paced lawyers, finance professionals and executives in Silicon Valley, in life and in career, to move from overload and stress, to clarity of mind, flow and focus through lawyer coaching and consulting. 

Practising as a lawyer at a top UK law firm for 7 years and as a parent with a young family, I  understand what it feels like to be overloaded.

I am here to help you find practical solutions to shift your energy, attitude, head-space or perspective, to a more productive, positive and forward moving place.

Welcome from the Life Design Coach

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"I have been considering a second career outside the law. Charlotte has been a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, thoroughness in her research and preparation, and a positive attitude that makes it fun to work together!"

Lawyer Coaching Client, Silicon Valley

"I am an attorney and Charlotte has been helping me with her 5 step coaching program. Next to the fact that she has a warm and open personality, she really knows how to ask the right questions, gets you to think deeper, and translates all the goals into practical priorities really well. It has been such a delight to work with her, on a personal and professional level."

Attorney Coaching Client, Palo Alto

My 5 Step Process To
Creating Your Best Life


Getting to know one another

Identifying a good fit, establishing our areas of focus in your legal career & setting how we will work together. 

You Now

Where are you now?

Shifting energy, clearing stress which comes up in your legal work, or at home and determining where you stand now.

Future You

Where do you want to go?

Creating your future ideal image looking at your legal career, home life, health, and building out a dream life/ day-to-day plan.

Road Map

How do we get there?

Set up an action plan to achieve your goals in designing your life as a lawyer. Providing accountability.

New You

Living your Designed Life 

Helping you get to your goals & realise your vision through acountability, time management and productivity. 


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