You are ambitious & highly successful on paper... but you feel stuck and frustrated...

Are you ready to...

Discover your purpose?

Align your passion with what you do every day?

Work in your zone of genius daily?

Feel complete clarity on your next step?

Feel energized & limitless in your business?

Find time for yourself, your health and your wellbeing?

Have more joy and purpose in life?

Experience freedom, flexibility & living on your own terms?

You started your career with joy, excitement and hunger for the future, but now a decade (or so) later, feel demotivated and disengaged. You’ve got to a point in life where the long working hours, the business travel just doesn’t work for you. Yes- You love the great salary your career provides, but you know it comes at a cost.

You don’t want to give it all up, but you feel there must be a better way to harness your talents and skill set. You’re hardworking, and know you have value.

There is another way

What if I tell you could discover your true purpose and align it to what you do everyday, and show up in the most energized way you've ever known?

True success lies in contentment, finding happiness, living a meaningful and purposeful life.

You too can reach your real potential and become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

You too can lead an inspired life. 


I'm Charlotte, I am a life coach who understands you feel drained in this highly stressful environment of Silicon Valley. 

I understand you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life and are looking for answers. I've been there too; I'm here for you, and will help you find practical solutions to start living a life you love.

Let's give you the clarity, purpose and freedom you crave!


"Charlotte has been a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, thoroughness in her research and preparation, and a positive attitude that makes it fun to work together!" 

Client, Los Gatos 

"Charlotte has been helping me with her 5 step coaching program. Next to the fact that she has a warm and open personality, she really knows how to ask the right questions, gets you to think deeper, and translates all the goals into practical priorities really well. It has been such a delight to work with her, on a personal and professional level."

Client, Los Gatos 

My 5 Step Process To
Creating Your Best Life


Getting to know one another

Identifying a good fit.

You Now

Where are you now?

Getting rid of stress and determining where you stand now.

Future You

Where do you want to go?

Creating your future ideal image and your dreams.

Road Map

How do we get there?

Set up an action plan to achieve your dream / best life.

Get Started

Starting your business

Consulting in strategy and helping you launch.